Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea – starfish counting included! After the start from the beach, a 1.9-kilometer rectangular course is swum clockwise. After one or two laps, the athletes leave the water and make their way to the transition area..


The fast, slightly hilly cycling circuit leads the athletes through the charming Angeln and Glücksburg. Thanks to the small climbs and descents, the bike course is very varied. The spectators have a perfect view at many points. In total there are 2 or 4 laps to complete.


The running course is one of the most beautiful running courses in the German triathlon sport! After the start, the 7.03 km long lap (3 or 6 laps) leads mainly directly along the water and through the old town of Glücksburg. The athletes run several times directly past the finish line!


Long Distance

410 until 31 December 2023
  • 3,8 km I 180 km I 42,195 km
  • Athletes gift
  • Finisher-Shirt
  • Medal
  • Online certificate
  • Ticket for Pasta-Party
  • max. 350 Participants

Long Distance

440 until 31 December 2023
  • 3,8 km I 180 km I 42,195 km
  • Athlets gift
  • Finisher-Shirt
  • Medal
  • Online certificate
  • Ticket for Pasta-Party
  • max. 300 Participants

Middle Distance

240 until 31 December 2023
  • 1,9 km I 90 km I 21,1 km
  • Athlets gift
  • Finisher-Shirt
  • Medal
  • Online certificate
  • Ticket for Pasta-Party
  • max. 700 Participants

Middle Distance

260 until 31 December 2023
  • 1,9 km I 90 km I 21,1 km
  • Athlets gift
  • Finisher-Shirt
  • Medal
  • Online certificate
  • Ticket for Pasta-Party
  • max. 540 Participants

The price for the participation in the OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg also includes the event-related expenses, such as participant management, timing, extensive catering during and after the race, barrier measures, medical care, security service, online results lists, etc.
The registration fee is divided into Early Bird, Normal, New Year’s Challenge and Late Entry. Further details are regulated by the Notice of Race.

Special classification of the long distance

Military Competition

  • For members of all armed forces and all branches of the armed forces.
  • The first three men and women in the overall standings will be judged.

NoSpa Cup

  • For relay teams consisting of employees of a company.
  • The first three relay teams of the overall ranking will be scored.

Team classification

  • For participants of a club.
  • The three best participants of a club will be judged.

Police Championship

  • For members of all police groups.
  • The first three in the overall standings will be scored.

Danish ranking

  • For participants with Danish nationality.
  • The first three men and women in the overall standings will be scored.


The Notice of Race for the long and middle distance
at the OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg can be found in German and English.


The preliminary race briefing will be published here in time before the event.

All participating athletes are obliged to read the race briefing.

In addition, a “Las information & FAQs” will take place during the pasta party on Friday. Here the athletes have to clarify open questions with the referees of the SHTU or DTU and the organizers.

General notes & rules

  1. The participants and drivers of official escort vehicles must strictly observe the regulations of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) during the competition – in particular the right-hand drive requirement.


  2. The organizer is obligated to remove participants and accompanying vehicles from the competition if there is a gross or repeated violation of the StVO or against the orders of the police, if this is requested by the police.

  3. The following in particular shall be considered as gross traffic violations

    – Violation of the right-hand driving rule
    – inappropriate speed with endangerment
    – otherwise culpable gross endangerment or damage.

  4. The painting of lines and characters on the roadway, on traffic signs as well as on trees, poles, masts and the like is not permitted.


  5. With the starting documents the participants will receive: Pasta-Party-Ticket (admission valid with athlete wristband), chip for timekeeping (if necessary own chip), swimming cap, start number (Bike & Run), bike frame start number, clothes bag, last important information.


  6. Each participant is responsible for the recording of the split times and the final time. He/she has to wear the time recording device necessary for time recording during the competition according to the organizer’s instructions.


  7. The instructions of the competition management, the doctors and rescue services are to be followed in principle.


  8. Won material and honorary prizes which are not collected on the day of the award ceremony will be forfeited. Protests can only be submitted in writing against deposit of 50,- Euro.

  • Wearing the swimming caps issued by the organizer is compulsory. Neoprene swimming suits may be worn at a water temperature of up to 23.9°C.
  • Only boats of the rescue services and competition managers are allowed to use the swim course on the day of the competition.
  • Slipstreaming and constant side-by-side riding is prohibited and may lead to disqualification. The distance to the rider in front must be at least twelve meters.
  • Each participant must wear a cycling-specific helmet with a closed chin strap, the construction of which complies with the regulations of a recognized testing institute.
  • The wearing of upper body clothing is obligatory. The start number is to be worn on the back of the jersey.
  • The bikes are to be equipped with the frame start numbers. Brake levers must protrude to the rear.
  • Accompanying participants on the course by guardians, family or friends is not permitted.
  • Each participant must wear upper body clothing. The start number must be worn on the front of the jersey.
  • Each relay team gets a transponder for timekeeping. This has the function of a baton.
  • When changing from swimming to cycling, the transponder is handed over to the cyclist in the relay change area.
  • When changing from cycling to running, the transponder on the bike is handed over to the runner in the relay change area.
  • We have set up a relay exchange for you, where you can offer your athletic performance or look for participants for your relay!

Also the youngest go this year at the OstseeMan weekend again at the start – and that already for the 13th time. The offspring in triathlon sport goes at the Glückselig OstseeKids on Saturday, 05 August 2023 on the track. Start is at 15 hrs. at the spa beach. Children aged six to thirteen years can participate. The participation is free of charge.

Of course, the focus of the Glückselig OstseeKids is on having fun. When they pass through the finish tower, the youngest will be celebrated like the grown-ups, because they have also earned their applause. Parents and spectators will again provide an unforgettable atmosphere.

The main sponsor is Glück in Sicht – Glücksburg Schwennau.
The organizer is the TriAs Flensburg e.V. – Triathlon.

Student D – age 6/7: 50 meter swim, 200 meter run (white group)

Student C – age 8/9: 100 meter swim, 400 meter run (red group)

Student B – age 10/11: 200 meter swim, 1,000 meter run (blue group)

Student A – age 12/13: 300 meter swim, 1,500 meter run (green group)

Prices: Bag, medal, bathing cap and certificate (will be sent electronically) for all participating children.

Swimming:The Glückselig OstseeKids is started from shore at the spa beach. It will be swum parallel to the shore. The DLRG will take care of your safety. 

Running:  The race takes place on the spa promenade directly on the water. Depending on the age group, 200 – 1,500 meters are covered. The turning points are marked by colored road cones. At the end you run over the finish line of the OstseeMan.

On the event weekend, the popular Frauenlauf powered by LBS will take place again this year. Start is on Saturday, 05 August 2023 at 17:00 hrs. on the beach promenade near the pier. With a 5.5 km course, LBS as the main sponsor invites all women to participate along Glücksburg’s beautiful beach promenade and part of the OstseeMan competition course. The finish channel with the filled grandstands offers an ideal reception of the participants at the end of the race.

There is no official timing and no age limit, the fun is the focus here. The participation fees of 5 EUR per runner will be donated 100% to the Katharinen Hospiz

All participants will receive their official Frauenlauf powered by LBS event shirt at registration on Saturday, by 1650 hrs. at the event site.

Registration: Registration can be done via the registration button on the website until August 04 2359 hrs. or in the registration tent on the OstseeMan event site on Friday, August 04, 2023 from 1200 – 1900 hrs. and Saturday, August 05, 2023 until 1630 hrs.