Swimming in the crystal clear Baltic Sea!

The OstseeMan start will be from the Glücksburg beach. While the athletes of the long distance will start in a mass start, the middle distance athletes will start in 3 groups. The swim is clockwise on a 1.9 km long rectangular course. After one (MD) or two laps (LD) the athletes leave the water and make their way to the transition area. All swimmers must swim to the left of the marker buoys. The fans have an ideal view from the pier to the start and later to the exit from the water.

Time limit Long Distance: 2 hours 10 minutes
Time Limit Middle Distance: 1 hour 10 minutes


Fast, beautiful and unique!

With the OstseeMan 2022, the partly newly planned and perfectly prepared bike course was introduced. The fast, slightly hilly bike course leads the athletes through the charming regions of Angeln and Glücksburg. Thanks to the small climbs and descents, the bike course is very varied. The maximum altitude of the bike course is 51 meters above sea level. The route on the B199 is closed for cars. In addition to the approximately 20 km long ride on the closed B199, the passage at the legendary Sandwig Hill is a unique experience! The spectators have a good view at many points. In total there are 2 or 4 laps to complete.

Time limit Swim & Bike – Long Distance: 9 hours 30 minutes 

Time limit Swim & Bike – Middle Distance: 5 hours 30 minutes


Along the coast to the finish!

The running course in Glücksburg is one of the most beautiful running courses in triathlon! There are 3 or 6 laps of 7.03 km each.

After the start the course goes along the spa promenade directly at the water. In Schwennau the course leads past the restaurant Glückselig, over the Beckerwerft in the direction of Glückburg old town to the turning point 1. Afterwards the course leads over the Blocksberg again directly along the water on the beach path and the promenade to Quellental. With a loop through the Flensburger Segel-Club (turning point 2) it goes back. Again passing the start and finish, it goes into the next running lap and later into the finish.

Time Limit Swim & Bike & Run – Long Distance: 15 hours

Time Limit Swim & Bike Run – Middle Distance: 8 hours


The fourth discipline.

The heart of the event site – the transition area – is located in the middle of the Glücksburg spa park. This is divided according to the respective classifications (long/middle distance and individual/relay). There are separate changing tents for the long and middle distance, where the athletes are only allowed to change.

To avoid unexpected complications, a bike service station will be set up in the transition area. After the swim, athletes will change in the transition tents and pick up their bike. At the respective exits (LD/MD) the athletes are allowed to get on their bikes only behind the transition line. In the same way, after the bike course, when entering the transition area, athletes must dismount before the transition bar. After the bike course the athletes start from here on the run course. The exact routes of the transition area can be found on the map. Registration and EXPO will also take place near the transition area. During the event, follow the route guidance and the support staff.

Note: The bike check-in for all participants will take place at the Bike IN/OUT of the long distance. On race day the Bike IN/OUT of the middle distance will also be open as entrance to the transition area.


No fight without food!

On the bike course as well as on the run course there will be 3 aid stations (VP). Among them, athletes can deposit their own food at the special needs stations (for more information see the category Special Needs of the topic Food – Bike/Run ). The following listings and maps represent the exact locations and services offered at the food stations. Food service may only be provided at designated areas. Disposing of items outside of the food and littering areas is not permitted.

SQUEEZY ISO drinks, bars and gels will be handed out by volunteers at all aid stations. Flavors range from Lemon to Raspberry to Peach Orange to Salty Caramel. More helpful information about SQUEEZY as well as basics and myths of sports nutrition can be found here.

Catering - Bike

  • Place: School Munkbrarup
  • Drinks: Water & Energy Drink
  • Food: Banana, Energy Gel & Energy Bar
  • Place: Sandwig Hill, Sandwigstr.
  • Drink: Water& Energy Drink
  • Food: Banana, Energy Gel & Energy Bar
  • Place: Forest parking lot Petersenallee
  • Special Needs: Here the athletes* can provide themselves with their own products.
  • The athletes are solely responsible for transporting, depositing and serving,
  • Handing over by support staff is only allowed within 10m before and after an official Special Needs station.

The old water bottle can be exchanged for a new one at the aid stations. The old bottle can only be discarded in the marked area before and after the refreshment stations.


Munkbrarup Schule - km 27


Special Needs - km 43


Sandwig Hill - km 44

Catering - Run

  • Place: Beckerwerft
  • Drink: Water, Cola, Bouillon & Energy Drink
  • Food: Banana, Prezels, Energy Gel & Energy Bar
  • Place: Glück in Sicht
  • Drink: Water
  • open until 2000 hrs.
  • Place: Hanseatische Yachtschule
  • Drink: Water, Cola, Bouillon & Energy Drink
  • Food: Banana, Pretzels, Energy Gel & Energy Bar
  • Place: Hanseatische Yachtschule
  • Special Needs: Here the athletes can cater for themselves with their own products.
  • The athletes are solely responsible for transporting, setting down and serving,
  • Handing over by support staff is only allowed within 10m before and after an official Special Needs station.

Beckerwerft - km 2,1


Glück in Sicht - km 4,5


Hanseatische Yachtschule inkl. Special Needs - km 6,5

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