Exceptional state in Glücksburg!

During the OstseeMan Triathlon there is a real state of emergency in the health resort Glücksburg! So that you still arrive on time and relaxed at your destination, you will find below a lot of important and helpful information & tips! We are looking forward to welcoming you all on or along the course!


To make the journey successful.

Glücksburg is located directly on the Baltic Sea in the immediate vicinity of Flensburg and Denmark. Especially important to us is the conscious handling of our environment and the elements in which we practice our sport.

Therefore, please think about the environment when you travel to Glücksburg. Use the offer to travel to Flensburg by train. From here it is another 20 minutes by car/cab to Glücksburg. 

A public bus (No. 21) runs regularly (every 30 minutes) from Flensburg train station directly to Glücksburg. The journey time is only 24 minutes and the cost is about 4 EUR per person.


Relaxed with the bus shuttle to the event area on Sunday.

On race day (Sunday) a shuttle bus will run from 0430 hrs. to 2235 hrs. to bring athletes and visitors from the surrounding parking facilities to the event area with start, transition zone, EXPO and finish. The ride for registered athletes is free of charge when showing their wristbands. Persons without wristbands pay 1,50 EUR per way for the bus.

In order to ensure a smooth process, we ask you to have the appropriate change ready for the use of the shuttle bus.

The Stops

  • ALDI Supermarket
  • P&R Osterallee ( Küstengarage) – Bus stop: Kauslund
  • P&R Schottweg (Famila) – Bus stop: Famila
  • P&R Twedter Plack (Supermarkets) – Bus stop: Twedter Plack
  • Alter Meierhof
  • Event area : Bus stop: Uferstr. / FSC
  • P&R / P7 ZOB Glücksburg*

*P&R / P7 – ZOB Glücksburg is only suitable for driving out of the city. The walk from here is much faster.


The triathlon of short distances.

In the immediate vicinity of the event area, you will find several parking lots and Park&Ride lots. For participants, P1 – Sportplatz Uferstraße is available free of charge. In addition, there are other free parking facilities. As an alternative, we recommend athletes and visitors to use the shuttle bus. More here.

Use all parking and shuttle bus options to get to the race courses quickly and conveniently.


Athletes parking lot – free of charge

Camping is not allowed

Distance to the event area: 1,2 km / 15 minutes

VIP parking on Sunday – otherwise public

Distance to the event area: 250 meters / 3 minutes

Public parking – free of charge

Distance to the event area: 550 meters / 6 minutes

Public parking – free of charge

Distance to the event area: 1 km / 15 minutes

VIP parking lot for the pasta party – otherwise public.

Distance to the event area: 1.9 km / 23 minutes

Public parking lot – fee required

Distance to the event area: 1,6 km / 20 minutes

Public parking – free of charge

from 12 hrs. bus shuttle – suitable only for driving out of the city.

Distance to the event site: 1.6 km / 21 minutes

Helpers and exhibitors parking lot

Distance to the event area: 200 meters / 3 minutes

Park&Ride lots with shuttle bus connection

Parking at the Emily Frey Küstengarage / Volkswagenzentrum Flensburg

Duration with the shuttle bus to the event area: approx. 30 minutes

Public parking lot at the Famila grocery store

Duration with the shuttle bus to the event area: approx. 25 minutes

Public parking lot at the ALDI & EDEKA grocery stores.

Duration with the shuttle bus to the event area: approx. 17 minutes

Public parking / P7

The parking lot is only suitable for driving out of the city. The walk to the event area (about 20 minutes) is much shorter than about 45 minutes shuttle bus.

ATTENTION: The shuttle runs only from 12:00 hrs. from here. You can find more details under the point Shuttle


We guide you on your way!

On Sunday, there will be considerable traffic disruptions in the entire city of Glücksburg (in the district of Sandwig, around the Kurpark) and in the surrounding area in the period from 0500 – 2200 hrs. Our recommendation to you: Leave your car at home and cheer on the athletes and enjoy the atmosphere at the OstseeMan!

Traffic guidance in the city center

  • Full closure for the city center in the area from the corner of Schloßpark / Collenburgerstr. with the streets Petersenallee, Paulinenallee, Schwennaustr. and Sandwigstr. in the time from 06:00 – 17:30 hrs.
  • Local traffic is free out of town via Sandwigstr. (in the direction of the cyclists) as a one-way street until 10:00 hrs. Cars must drive in the left lane.
  • In the time from 10:00 – 16:30 hrs. there is a general driving ban.

In the direction of the city, from the B200, take the south exit in the direction of Kappeln / Glücksburg and continue on the U1 via Schottweg, Friedheim, Twedter-Plack in the direction of Glücksburg (K92) and then via the K93 and L96 in the direction of Rüde/Holnis.

Out of town, take Rathausstr., Schlossallee, Flensburger Str. in the direction of Wees to the B199.

From Holnis: Exit via Jägerberg (one-way street) in the right lane parallel to the cyclists, in the left lane towards Glücksburg. Continue via Rathausstr. (K92) in the direction of Wees to the B199.

Into the surrounding area please follow the U3 via the K8.

The B199 (Nordstr.) is fully closed between Wees and Langballig from 05:30 – 17:30 hrs. The detour is via the U3 into the surrounding area.

The Bremsberg area can be accessed via Bahnhofstraße or Rüder Straße.

Traffic routing in the Glücksburg region

The B199 will be closed on Sunday, August 04, 2023 between 5:00 – 17:30 hrs. between Osterallee and Langballig.

  • The access road from the B199 via Glücksburger Chaussee to Glücksburg is closed from the Wees access road in the period from 05:30 – 17:30 hrs.
  • Norderstraße is closed to through traffic in the direction of Glücksburger Chaussee.
  • Dorfstraße and Schmiedestraße are closed to through traffic in the direction of Oxbüll from the fire station in the period from 06:00 – 17:30 hrs. – residents free.
  • The access and departure of residents from Kolk and Marrensmoor will be regulated by the fire department and will be via Moorstr, Peerekopp in the direction of B199.

The B199 will be fully closed from 05:30 – 17:30 hrs. from the Wees intersection to Langballig. Access and exit to the B199 is only possible as follows:

  • Oxbüll (South) Wees
  • Oxbüll (North) via Ulstrup, Ulstrupfeld, Flensburgerstr. to B199
  • To the surrounding area, follow the U3.

Access and departure is only possible via Wees or Husby U3 in the time from 05:30 – 17:00 hrs.

In the period from 05:30 – 17:30 hrs., residents of Ringsberg can only access the U3 via Glücksburgerstr. in the direction of the B199 – towards Ranmark / Husby.

Access and departure to the camping site Bockholmwik is possible in the time of 05:30 – 17:30 hrs. only via Langballig U3 via Siegum.

Transit permits can be obtained for special reasons until 28 July at